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Monthly tuition rates effective September 2018. Sunshine offers only a 5 day per week program option with the various schedules listed below.

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Tuition Rates

Effective Sept 2023

Sunshine Montessori is a 5 Day/Week Preschool Program


We offer a choice of a Five Morning, Five School Day, or Five Extended Day attendance options, we DO NOT have an option to mix and match schedule options or discount for unattended days, but do welcome students that choose to attend only 4 of their days, for example. As a non-profit organization, the Board of Directors determines an annual budget and Sunshine Montessori School’s monthly tuition amounts reflect the expense to operate within our budget. Tuition is broken into nine equal monthly payments during the school year, based on the programs operating costs. Sunshine therefore does NOT provide tuition credits for absences, holidays, vacations, illness, weather or any other emergency closings. Monthly tuition for the current year can be viewed below.

Monthly Tuition Rates:

Toddler House

Monthly Tuition Rates:

Children's House

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Multi-Child Family Discount: Families with more than one child enrolled will receive the following discount on enrollment in Before/Aftercare programming. Second enrolled child will receive 20% off Before/Aftercare programming tuition.

Occasional Care: During the year, we are also able to offer hourly Beforecare and Aftercare for those late meetings, appointments, parent travel, or emergencies. This program allows families who are not signed up for the monthly programs but need care hours on a limited basis. When space permits, families can book standing weekly single day Occasional Care reservations at an hourly care rate.

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