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Mission, Vision and Values

Sunshine's Mission
Following the tenets of Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy, Sunshine’s mission is to provide an outstanding learning environment that allows each child’s own motivation and interest to be the starting point for learning, self-motivation, a mind capable of independent judgement, and a healthy respect for oneself, others, and the environment.
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Our Vision
Sunshine's vision is to make early childhood education a community experience where every member contributes to our children's education. Creating global citizens whose lifelong love of learning makes the world a better place for all. 
Our Values
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Montessori Education & Our Philosophy

Sunshine was founded in 1978 and moved to its current location, St. Luke’s Church, in 1992. As a Montessori Preschool, Sunshine follows the philosophy and methods of Dr. Maria Montessori (1870–1952). 

Montessori Education:

  • is based on years of patient observation of the individual child’s nature.

  • has revealed the small child as a lover of work, spontaneously chosen and carried out with profound joy.

  • is based on the child’s inherent need to learn by doing.

  • enables the child to reach the same, or an even higher level of scholastic attainment as under the old systems.

  • achieves a higher discipline without the coercion of external rewards and punishments.

  • enables the teacher to deal with each child individually in each subject, and thus guide him according to his individual requirements.

  • allows each child to work at his/her own pace.

  • presents endless opportunities among the children for mutual help – which is joyfully given and gratefully received.

  • allows the child to work from his/her own free choice, without competition and coercion.

  • develops the whole personality of the child, not merely his/her intellectual faculties but also his powers of deliberation, initiative, and independent choice, with their emotional complements. By living as a free member of a real social community, the child is trained in those fundamental social qualities, which form the basis of good citizenship.

    Montessori 3 Year Cycle: The Children’s House program, as designed by Maria Montessori, is a three year cycle of learning. The mixed age classroom incorporates three to six year old children and includes the Kindergarten year. 

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