Children's House Summer Program

Summer at Sunshine

During the summer months of June, July, and August, Sunshine operates it's Summer Programming. The summer months are required for Toddler House enrollment. Children's House enrollment offers both 12 month (with summer) and 9 month (without summer) contract options. Students in the Children's House who are enrolled in the 12 month program are given the option of taking 3 tuition free weeks of time off during the summer months to attend camps and extracurricular activities or vacation. Vacation weeks are not mandatory and will be credited in the form of a 25% discount for each vacation week during the month in which the vacation falls. 

One teacher and two support staff work with up to 26 children in the Children’s House each day during the 12 Week Sunshine Summer Program. The summer program follows the tenets of Montessori education while bringing in new materials and curriculum into the environment specifically for summertime. Summer curriculum is divided into 6 engaging two-week themed sessions. Summer curriculum focuses extensively on outdoor adventures, gardening, nature, science, sports, and creative art along with bringing in exciting guest visitors.